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MindPX is an open source un-manned vehicle auto-pilot system branched from PixHawk/PX4 stack, and built based upon with further, enhanced new features.

The Project MindPX is founded at Nov., 2014. The whole idea of MindPX is it should be the base flight platform that can meet the new requirements from the new generation drone product. After evaluation of many existing auto-pilot projects/products, Pixhawk/PX4 is picked as the baseline of this new platform.

On March 2015, first version of MindPX hardware and software is released which marked the start point of MindPX open source project. MindPX is running as an open source project from the beginning.

MindPX's Vision

Smart drone challenges traditional auto-pilot system in many aspects. Smart drone needs to be more friendly to pilot, have more flight modes in order to be adaptive to different tasks and environments, can be accessed from various external systems, and be more powerful to integrate data from more sensor technologies. MindPX is designed to be a flexible and expandable system that can be adaptive to different control methods, providing complete and flexible interfaces to external systems, and owns ability to fuse data from a wide range of sensors.

The dev team

The steering team of this project are volunteering developers frome different places of the world. The steering team will be responsible for coordinating all development activities on MindPX hardware and software.

Steering team :

Dev team:
    Liu Yang

The hardware

MindPX hardware is revised from Pixhawk hardware, with deduction on redundant design and some enhancements. The current MindPX v2 is targeted at entry level users. A professional version may be released soon, to provide advanced features.

Major revisions in V2:

1. new USB interface for off-board connection

2. extra I2C socket

3. up to 6 distance sensor interfaces

4. optimized power supply

The software

Items Description Download
Firmware Firmware for MindPX GitHub
MindFlow Firmware for Mindflow GitHub
BootLoader Bootloader for MindPX and MindFlow GitHub


MindPX hardware is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 3.0 unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license

MindPX software is licensed under GPLv3