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● What is the normal working environment of MindPX?

Working temperature:-10℃~85℃
Working humidity:10%~90%RH

● Maximum controlling distance of MindPX?

The max controlling distance is about 1000m with a common remote or the ground station.

● How fast can it be?

About 110Km/h (depending on the types of motors and body frames)

● How can I connect to the ground station?

Using USB lines or via wireless data transmission module.

● What should I do when it disconnects during flying?

You can preset the point where it will auto land or return.

● Where can I get the source code or the schematic diagram?


● How long is the battery duration and what about the charging time?

Charging time : 2 hours(3S、1500mAH); The battery duration is about 15~20 minutes.

● If the battery's running out during flying, how can I deal with it?

When battery is low, the status LED will turn yellow and the buzzer will alarm.

● Is there real-time image transmission function?

You can use it for image transmission after buying an additional image transmission equipment.

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